What is Executive Business Coaching?

A “business coach” is a man or woman who becomes a trusted advisor, a creative solutions provider and a peak performance mentor who can impact the growth of a business or individual.


This is achieved through the process of optimizing the business goals and the people involved in achieving those goals through a series of proven strategies, ultimately moving you towards mutually agreed upon goals. Ideally they are going to have the ability to help a business owner, entrepreneur, or manager, to look at their overall situation or an element of their business and create measurable objectives and a strategic plan for achieving them.

Simply put, they’re someplace now and there’s a better place they want to be. There will usually be several components that need to be focused on to achieve that goal. It could be becoming a better leader. It could be developing a better sales organization. It could be creating a better culture. It could be any number of things. So the executive business coach works with you to establish an series of goals that are essentially a road map between where the client is now and where they want to be.

What Does a Business Coach Do?

The business coach’s job is to be an objective observer and guide the client through the different processes, methodologies, philosophies, and help provide access to the resources required for achieving the specific goals for growth. The coach is there to guide, to hold you accountable, to offer other perspectives or help shift the mindset in order to help get through real or imagined obstacles.

There’s a variety of ways that a coach can work. But basically, the coach collaborates with the client to help the client. The coach doesn’t do the client’s work. The coach helps the client to achieve, over a period of time, the specific goal that they agreed on together. It also depends on the relationship. They could establish numerous goals and may do them one at a time for a long duration. Or it could be a single goal for a short duration.


Executive Business Coaching

What Differentiates Me From The Average Business Coach?

Many business executives, owners, and entrepreneurs have been greatly rewarded by making the decision to retain coaches. I’ve worked with a lot of coaches over the past 26 years. I’ve seen people who get amazing results, and others… not so much. This isn’t a judgment, but a very strong opinion. I believe that if you’re going to be a coach, be the best damn coach you can be and produce the best outcome for your client.

I think most coaches are very fine men and women who really do want to make a difference and the way they do that differs. Many of them produce impressive results, however, a large number of them seem to operate in a vacuum and rarely collaborate with others. This causes a problem for the business because most of these coaches have one area of specialty, and if they are not collaborating with others and looking at the business as a whole, many times they are putting something into play that puts other parts of the business out of balance.

“If you are the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

Executive Business Coaching

I’ve learned that in business, the most successful people don’t want to be the smartest person in the room. They want to surround themselves with the smartest people. And this is what I have done with my coaching and consulting services.

What differentiates me from other executive business coaches is the team that I have surrounded myself with. I recognize that no one person has all the answers and that a business has many facets that needs various expertise. When you work with me you have access to a team of professionals that I have created relationships with over the past 26 years. And together we look at your business as a whole making sure that the adjustments we make in one area are working in harmony with all other areas of your business.


Who is a good fit for executive business coaching and how do they benefit specifically? What key areas, and what skills are developed in the person seeking coaching?

The answer is anyone who is not performing efficiently, effectively and optimally; which is almost everyone. If you look at the average business and particularly at smaller businesses, most people do not come close to achieving any of their goals, and the reason is that their goals are not really goals.

Why Do Most Business Owners Never Achieve Their Goals?

They are abstract hopes and dreams.
They are not measurable.
They don’t reverse engineer.
They don’t have plans.
They don’t have clarity on their “why”
They aren’t clear on what makes them unique.
They don’t have a clear idea of who their ideal client is.
They don’t monitor their progress.
They don’t correct and adjust.
And the list goes on.

Some do achieve a level of success of course. But the majority just sort of struggle through digging holes that make it harder and harder for them to get to where they ultimately hope to go. It’s truly sad when something like that occurs because with the correct guidance there’s so much more you can get out of your time, out of your effort and out of your investment.

A small shift can lead to greater opportunity, a larger share of the market, better use of the talent around you, access to resources you wouldn’t have had and ultimately creating something that you can be proud of.


Ultimately the Decision is Yours

It’s your business and it’s your decision. Whether you are looking for one-to-one coaching or wanting a full suite of coaching and training for your organization, we can customize a program specifically for you. We will work with you to clearly identify where you are now, where you want to go and help you create a plan to get from here to there. We will of course give you our recommendations of what your next steps should be, but you decide what you want to implement and how much you want us to be involved in the execution of the plans we create with you.

Executive Business Coaching

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