“Willard speaks from experience, comes from the heart, and shows you that ANYTHING is possible once you decide, commit and take action. I have hired Willard to present at my programs; and would highly recommend having him speak at your upcoming event!” – Carl Gould – President/CEO CMT International


When asked why he travels and speaks so extensively Willard responds, “I learned a long time ago from one of my Mentors that I have been given a gift and that I am responsible to make sure that gift is passed on. When anyone, anywhere reaches out, I want them to have the same opportunity that was given to me. Someone was there along the way who was willing to share their experiences, their struggles, their wins and their strategies for how they got to where they are. And because they were there for me, I need to be there for those who will follow.”

It was 1988 when Willard was first asked to step onstage and share his personal experiences of the 15 years since he had lost his leg to where he was at that point in his life. Newly sober and recently released from jail he took the first steps into what has since become his life’s work and an ever evolving story.

For close to 30 years he has not only been sharing his own experiences but has dedicated his life to deeper understandings of human behavior and recognizing patterns and organizing principles that give new levels of awareness to why people to what they do.

That knowledge also carried over to business as Willard started and grew several businesses of his own. Learning the ups and downs from his own successes and failures he now helps business owners avoid the mistakes and transform their organizations.

He has developed several keynote presentations, educational programs and workshops where he shares skills, strategies and systems that have been proven over time to help attain dramatic results in their personal and professional lives.

#1 Best Selling Author Willard Barth

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