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Willard has developed several comprehensive systems designed to help people begin living the lives they deserve and desire. Each presentation is customized to your specific audience and their needs.
Each presentation is designed to deliver proven skills, strategies and systems that can dramatically impact your life, your business and your bottom line. Willard gets past the “hype” to the “organizing principles that are the foundation of success” to achieve immediate, measurable results. Willard gives you tools, inspiration, and a system to create success on your own terms. Master the Organizing Principles and apply them to create RESULTS in every area of your life!
All topics can be adapted to a keynote, workshop or retreat.


The Anatomy of Transformation

Willard has transformed his personal and professional life from one of total devastation to living a life that many only dream about. From college dropout and a jail cell to becoming a #1 Best Selling Author, an Internationally Recognized Speaker, Business Consultant and Trusted Advisor who is regularly called on to consult with the CEOs of Multi-Million Dollar Companies.

Willard shares the strategies he used to transform his own life and that he has used with his clients for almost 2 decades to help them achieve dramatic results both personally and professionally.

The Anatomy of Transformation is a proven system that focuses on the organizing principles of creating lasting change. Whether you are looking to achieve personal goals or professional ones, to get from where you are now to where you want to go, there has to be a process of change, a transformation of who you are and what you are currently doing. Learn who you need to become and the actions that need to be taken to achieve the results you desire.

This system was created based on studying how successful people go from the beginning of the process of transformation to mastering the area they are committed to transforming. Whether it is learning a new language or building a multi-million-dollar business, the organizing principles for achieving the goal are the same. The difference is in the strategies that are used within the system.

When you Master the application of The Anatomy of Transformation you will be able to create a clearly defined plan for any area of your life or business that are looking to transform.

The Architecture of Success

Success Leaves Clues. Having worked as a consultant and strategist with businesses in numerous industries and of varying sizes from startups to multinational and multi-million dollar corporations, Willard shares the 7 Stages of Success that are the organizing principles he and his team has applied with his clients to create scalable and sustainable growth. One of the companies Willard is working with grew from $32 Million in annual revenue to $64 Million in less than 18 months using these principles!

Not only does success leave clues, success is also simple. Let me repeat that. Success is simple. It isn’t always easy, but it IS simple. There is a structure to success. When you understand the principles of success you are able to follow the design and create the results that you desire.

Architecture is defined as the complex or carefully designed structure of something. There is a carefully designed structure to success. The most successful people are aware of The Architecture of Success and apply it to every area of their personal and professional lives.

Come and discover how you can use this system yourself!


An Introduction to Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is available to everyone. The challenge is that basic financial strategies and foundational financial intelligence are not being taught. People need to be more diligent than ever in managing their financial future.

Learn how anyone can achieve financial freedom by taking responsibility of their Financial IQ and they can begin that process by implementing these 4 simple but powerful strategies.

Learn how someone can make milliosn of dollars and lost it just as quickly because no one ever taught them the basic principles of financial responsibility. The majority of people in our culture, unless they have come from a family who has mastered money management, have not been given any real education about how to manage the money they are making.

In this presentation Willard covers 4 fundamental ideas about money that can help someone dramatically change their relationship with money and drastically improve their financial situation in a short period of time.

Learn how you can begin to take control of your money instead of having money control you.

The Formula for Modeling Excellence

Willard shares 4 Distinctions that can rocket your personal and professional life into Hyper-Growth!

Having studied and worked with some of the top performers in business and entertainment, Willard breaks down the formula that will allow you to accelerate achieving your goals to “warp speed” by modeling the strategies that have already helped others achieve the success you desire!

Have you ever heard the theory that if you wanted to achieve something, find someone who was already getting the results that you wanted and learn from them. Many of us have been told to, “do what they do and say what they say and you will get the same results.” But how many times have you done exactly thaat and didn’t get the results you expected?

In this presentation, Willard shares the missing pieces of the puzzle that will allow you to get EXPLOSIVE RESULTS! After 18 years of refining this system Willard now shares these strategies with people as The Formula for Modeling Excellence. When you follow this system you can reduce the learning curve and begin achieving results by over 50%.

What if Willard could show you a way that you could apply these principles to learn something in 1/10th the time it took someone else? And what if after you learned it you could apply the system immediately to begin getting results?

This is a presentation Willard is so confident in that he gives a 100% money back guarantee. If at the end of the presentation he has not proven the system works, you pay nothing!

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#1 Best Selling Author Willard Barth

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The Anatomy of Transformation is a proven system that has been used over a quarter of a century helping take individuals and businesses to the next level… no matter how successful they already are!

The journey begins now!